Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Understanding That Someone

A sore feeling arose from the bottom of my heart, a feeling that i wish to share, and that is the story i shall write at here, for i, too wish there is some guidance for myself.

Everything started as a surprise, it was just a simple day where a guy needed to attend an important appointment, and a phone call came, causing him to run an extra task right after that important appointment, he did not hesitate when he reply his answer to the girl who called him, and yes, it was a girl who called, and so, this has become their first date ever.

They've known each other for 2 years, more or less, they've been walking pass each others' life just like that, and not noticing each other till the guy express his feelings towards her on the phone before they met each other, it wasn't easy as the guy thought it should be, but those words did came out from his mouth, and the girl was shocked at first, then she kept quiet for a very long time, and she only reply with an "Oh...", the guy thought it was stupid and pointless at first, but the girl then add in saying she had feelings for him as well, during that time, both of them were overwhelm by shyness, and the guy promise to fetch her out for their first date...

And so this is the end of the first chapter of SilverTongue's Love Story.

The main purpose of writing this story, is just to tell everybody that if we keep our feelings towards ourselves, we will never get the answer that we are expecting in the first place, and "hope" is all we are able to carry inside our heart. To understand one person, you must first open yourself for the others to understand and feel secured, till then the person who you wish to understand, shall open their hearts for you to seek the answer that you wish to know.

That is the first step i truly believe and trust, the step to create a mutual understanding between the people we care the most.

A mere 4 letter metaphor that denotes a lie, it will never bring you anything till you take action, and it shall remain as a lie if you never take action.

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  1. keep it on ~~~your love story ~~期待ing ~~~XD